The Herring Queen Festival

Eyemouth Herring Queen Festival

The Eyemouth Herring Queen festival was started to celebrate the end of the First World War and aims to symbolise the ideals as well as the everyday things associated with the life of a fishing community.

The Eyemouth Herring Queen Festival owes its origins to what was called the 'Peace Picnic' or 'Fisherman's Picnic'. The event became an annual celebration and to be looked upon as a local holiday for the fishermen of the town and all connected with their calling.

The modern way of life brought about many changes since the days of Mr Chrystie but the symbolism is still the same: the children still enjoy their picnic and our Queen is still crowned. Up to 2001, the Herring Queen was selected by popular vote in the local High School but now a panel of local Townspeople make the selection after nominees have been interviewed.

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